Friday, 15 June 2007


I am a young /old woman who has had four sons, now grown, with five grandchildren. My hobbies are Reading, History and knitting, and other crafts. I have been doing a degree course for the last four years in historyand English which has been amazing. My favourite historical period is from the Early Middle ages through the Dark Ages to end of the Medieval period. which also takes in alot of my favourite authors as well. My favourite modern authors are Margaret Atwood, Susan Hill, Jean Rhys, Toni Morrison, Jeanette Winterson, Virginia Woolf, Jean M. Auel, Terry Prachet, Stephen Donaldson, and a few more. For other Book related stuff go to Book Chat Blog and see what we have been reading. I belong to Shelfari which has given me loads of new friends with brilliant discussion groups, so hope we can do the same. I have given a link if anyone wants to jointhe Groups: The Round Table, Sagas, Bernard Cornwell, Green Jackets, Romantic Period Poets, Shakespeare, Women Speak and many more.

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Joseph said...

Thats great to hear you're enjoying Shelfari. Having discussion with people about a book you've read is an amazing experience, especially when some of them can be thousands of miles away from you.

Invite all your friends so they can enjoy what your enjoying. Feel free to contact us anytime, don't be a stranger. Take care!